Wood Christmas Decorations

Wood Christmas Decorations Halloween has gone, Thanksgiving is in a few days and Christmas is just less than a month away. Time really flies! As the holidays are just a few days to go, it’s time to start pulling out your decoration from the storage and garage and starting beautifying the house. Here are some Wooden Christmas Decorations Ideas, that will inspire you!!!!!

Wood Christmas Decorations

Wood Christmas Decorations


Wooden Christmas Decorations


Christmas decoration is all about ‘magic’. And what better way to turn your house into a wonderland than by following a rustic and wooden theme?  Reclaimed wood is a cheap, yet beautiful way to bring rustic charm to your house during the holidays. Today, we have compiled a list of 40 ideas to help you create attractive decorations using simple wooden elements.


Turn your pallet into a fabulous Christmas decoration for your porch with this idea. Um, yes, you will need some tools for this wooden tree, but it is worth every effort.


Wooden Christmas Kitchen Spoons


hey let us decorate kitchen also for this Christmas. what about using the above wooden spoon?? it is


The blogger has created a stylish chalkboard outdoor sign with a wooden touch. Hang it on the main door and see the praises coming.


Wood Christmas Decorations

Wood Christmas Decorations


Pallet Christmas Tree:

Instead of cutting the woods, the blogger has created the tree shape using the ornaments and lights. Isn’t that innovative? And it looks even prettier in person.


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town:

Santa is going to come to the town soon! How are you planning to welcome him? The blogger has made an incredible wooden palate Christmas tree and decorated with red jingle bells. Simple, yet lovely!


Wooden Snowmen:

These are the cutest snowmen we have ever seen. And you won’t believe how easy it is to make. You just have to find some wooden blocks and paint in white. Now make the nose and eyes using the acrylic paint. Do not forget to tie the bandana!

Wood Christmas Decorations

Wood Christmas Decorations

Joy Letters:

These joy letters are very easy to make. You just have to purchase it from the online shop and decorate it any way you like. Don’t you the manger as the ‘o’ is looking simply adorbs?


Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament:

Here’s a beautiful, yet simple Christmas tree ornament for you to make. The blogger gathered the twigs, made a cardboard template, and glue the twigs to it. Yes, there are some more instructions that you need to follow while making the ornaments, and they aren’t tiresome either.


Wooden Branch Tree:


Driftwood, fallen branches or any wooden scrap that you can get hold of would go well in this DIY wooden branch tree. And it’s making a fresh change from the traditional Christmas tree.

Wood Christmas Decorations

Wood Christmas Decorations

Wooden Wreath:

Forget the expensive, store bought wreaths. Just get a good woodcutter and a few supplies to make this unique wreath. Do not forget to add a few sprays of metallic paint and a golden ribbon. A neon ribbon would look stunning too!


Mr. Snowman’s Head:

Add a bit of a joy to the backyard or porch with this wooden snowman head. This happy Frosty is made using a wooden scrap pile. It’s one of those ornaments that you can pass from generation to generation.

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