Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends Share the magical and joyful mood of Christmas time with your friends and dear ones. As we think about this wonderful holiday, we need to understand that Christmas isn’t just any holiday but the most important one of the year for everyone. It is a time to remember, a time for sharing the goodness of your heart with others, and a time to express with gifts and words what your friends actually means to you.  As you write your messages, make sure you take the time to make a Christmas wish for each and every of your friends. Having a hard time getting those words together? Don’t worry, we have done the hard work and we are presenting to you this collection of Christmas wishes for friends!

Christmas brings every family and friends together; it gives us the chance to appreciate the love in our lives which we often take for granted. May the true meaning of this season fill your heart and home with lots of blessings!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends


With you being my friend, I feel like every day is Christmas. The comfort and warmth that comes with this season makes me think of you. Merry Christmas to you friend!


I know that sometimes I behave badly and make you think that I don’t appreciate your support, but on this Christmas night I want to let you know how much I love you. May the miracle of Christmas enlighten your heart and may a thousands smiles brighten up your face in times of sadness. Merry Christmas!




My sweetest friend, I don’t usually say how much I love and appreciate you. Holiday season is a great opportunity to make you sure that there is no one like you in the whole world and I’m so happy to spend another Christmas with you. May your endless light shine through this holy night and make it even more wonderful. Happy holidays!




Sometimes I feel like I’m the most tired person in the whole world, and the giant load is falling on my shoulders. But you are always there for me, knowing what to say and what to do to make me feel better. I appreciate it so much, and on this Christmas night I want to promise you that I will always remember your kindness and do my best to be just as caring and attentive in relation to you.Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

CHRISTMAS MESSAGES FOR FRIENDS christmas messages for friends

Take your time in this rush of the holidays to enjoy what really matters in life. Take in the serene moments spent with friends, and may the wonder and awesomeness of Christmas surround you throughout this season. Merry Christmas!


My dear friend, we share so much together. There is nothing more amazing than sitting with you near the Christmas tree, sharing same old memories and thinking about our future. Even if we are apart, I know that we will always be together on Christmas to make it the most wonderful time of the year. And there is only one thing I want to wish you: to be happy. I love you, Merry Christmas.


Your Christmas presents are always the best ones, and I appreciate this fact so much, because you are the person who knows everything about me: my favourite book, music or even smell. I promise you to protect our friendship from all world’s adversities. Merry Christmas, my dear friend.


I feel like I’m Santa Claus, because everything I want to do is giving the most astonishing gifts to the best people. Merry Christmas, buddy!


The whole world is celebrating a wonderful holiday tonight. Christmas makes us forget about fights and quarrels and gives us a chance to feel the unity. Forget about the bad and greet Christmas with a smile on your face. Merry Christmas!


MERRY CHRISTMAS QUOTES FOR FRIEND Christmas messages for friends

Merry Christmas to the best friend in the world, the person that sees through my faults and loves me anyway. I’m wishing you joy and blessings this Christmas. I am so proud to call you a part of my family and I cherish the time I spend with you.


May this holy Christmas night bring much light, warmth and well-being to your life! And may your guardian angel never leave you and protect you from misery and failure. Merry Christmas, my friend!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

I know we’re not little kids any more, but I believe there’s still room for miracles in our life. I wish that this magic night would remind you that wonders happen. Merry Christmas!

A great holiday is coming. It means it’s time to let go of old grudges and show a little kindness. We’re both get too emotional and quarrel sometimes, but our friendship must be better than that. Merry Christmas!


I wish that your Christmas season shimmers with love and kindness. May the faith and serenity descend on you!


CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FOR FRIENDS christmas wishes for friends

I wish that love, prosperity and well-being be with you and your dear ones not only on Christmas season, but all year long!


Christmas is a time to cherish our loved ones, bringing true happiness in our lives. Merry Christmas everyone!


My dear friend, may this joyous day bring you happiness and tranquility, good luck and well-being. Merry Christmas


It is December –

The month of snow and candles,

Songs and decorations,

Cheerful mood, joy and love.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas season!


Do you know what I do when its freezing cold?

I am thinking of someone warm and sunny like you.

My precious friend, I‘m sending you a big tight hug

And wish you Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

I feel so thankful for having a wonderful friend like you, wishing you all the goodies of the holidays and the coming year!


Look through your window at the starry Christmas night and make a wish,

May these holidays bring you lots of beauty, love and happiness!

Merry Christmas!


Wishing you something special and magical, falling directly into your hands.

Wishing you the snow and the sun, making you smile.

Endless love and joy, making you happy.

Merry Christmas!


I wish that Christmas star throw a light to the road of new opportunities, giving great ideas,

bringing people together for a meaningful work. Merry Christmas!


The night of dreams and hopes.

It’s Christmas, coming into our homes.

This night is just like a starry fairy tale.

Merry Christmas!



Hey friend! May sadness in your life be replaced with unending joy and happiness! Smile my dear, for the season of Christmas is finally here! Here is a wish for a Merry Christmas!


Let the festive mood, filling you hearts with light, hope and joy,

Accompany you all year long.

Let the coming year bring you great ideas, energy and wealth,

Let it be the time of new possibilities and success.



Let the Christmas bring you wealth and happiness,

Let all the wishes of your heart come true,

I also wish you joy and health

And lots of sunny days!




In this Christmas morning let the bells of joy keep ringing,

Let the wings of happiness make you fly,

Let the sadness stay aside,

I wish you to be surrounded by loved ones.

Merry Christmas.



In this Christmas season, may you spend it in the enjoyment of the message of love, hope, and peace on earth. Wishing you a blessed Christmas my dear friend!


This is the season to wish one another love, joy and peace. These are my utmost wishes for you, Merry Christmas my dear friend, may you feel the love and joy presented by this special day.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends


The smell of gingerbread takes me back to my childhood, where we spend every single minute of Christmas together decorating the Christmas tree and making our plans for the future. I’m so happy to still have you as a best friend and I pray for us to always be together because I love you so much. Merry Christmas, dear friend.

My dear friend, I can not explain how grateful I am to you. You are the kindest and nicest person who always know how to make me smile. On this magical night I want to wish you the best of luck and happiness, and with the help of those two you can do get everything. Have a marvellous Christmas!


May the joy of being with your loved ones lift you up during this Christmas season and fill your heart with happiness!



On our first Christmas night that we spent together you promised to always protect me from all the world’s injustice and pain. You are one of the most important people in my life, and now, when I’m a grown up, I still remember your promise and know that you didn’t give up on it. I wish you to be surrounded by people who will appreciate you as much as you appreciate me for it’s the biggest treasure. I love you, Merry Christmas.

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