Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend May this Christmas be different by being close to your boyfriend, and for that purpose this message is the opportunity to show him how much you love him.


Let us not forget that Christmas is a special holiday where unity and peace is celebrated. Also, this holiday is a much beautiful day if we share it with our boyfriend or girlfriend.

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

So, read the following Christmas messages for a boyfriend and share the most beautiful with that especial guy who you love. You will see that he will be very happy.


Share cute Christmas messages for my boyfriend:

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

– “Merry Christmas, love. I wish you a day full of union, and especially a lot of happiness in the company of your loved ones. “



– “No matter the distance separating us, please do not forget that love you, our spirits and our feelings are connected, and they make this a unique Christmas”.



– “This year I ask Baby Jesus that all his blessing be poured over you. A Big Hug for all your loved ones.”


Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

– “Every street lights adorn the paths commemorating Christmas. I hope your heart is illuminated in the same way. Merry Christmas, love!”



– “This Christmas is doubly happy, because I have the happiness to have you in my life. I love you dear”.



– “May happiness be with you not only on this special day, but always. A good heart deserves to be happy and enjoy lots of family togetherness this Christmas “.



– “This Christmas I will ask Baby Jesus to have a quiet life, full of happiness. Merry Christmas my life! “



– “All the love that inspires me is infinite, I hope these holidays are just the beginning of many more together.”

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend


– “What a better Christmas than this, because you’re by my side. You’re my world, I cannot be more in love with you. “



– “I hope that Christmas brings many blessings to you. The miracle of this date be poured in all its fullness. “



– “From some time ago you have been in my life, and this date is the opportunity to thank for the miracle of life that I had met you. Merry Christmas!”.


Christmas Sms To Boyfriend


– “Happiness accompanies me to spend Christmas with you this far, you’re my best gift”.



– “What a happiness to know that we spend Christmas together, and this will be one of many that await us. I love you”.



– “There are abundant reasons to be grateful to me for life, however I must say that you are my greatest blessing. Merry Christmas!”.



– “I have the joy of having my family close, and to be even happier now I have the man of my life passing me this special date.”



– “Christmas is a symbol of family togetherness and this time I feel that I am living to the fullest because you’re by my side.”



– “You’re a very special person and I dare say that I am honored to be the person who today says to you: Merry Christmas my love!”.



– “I see the lights that adorn the streets, and I feel my heart overflows with light because I have you by my side. Merry Christmas, love!”.



Let these phrases to express how nice it is to spend Christmas with the person you love. We hope that these messages have been to your liking.


Romantic Merry Christmas SMS for my boyfriend

A woman in love is a happy woman indeed. When we accept a boy as our couple, we do so because we are sure he is the right one and because he has proven his love for us. We are happy with him and every day is a new opportunity to enjoy our love. We all dream of a handsome boyfriend, but it will always be more important for us that his love for us is true.


We will have nice experiences with him and we will celebrate important days, Christmas for instance. Do you want to wish your boyfriend a merry Christmas Eve and express your love for him? .

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

Christmas Sms To Boyfriend

Then read this article. Here is a list of text messages to wish your boyfriend a merry Christmas Eve. Send one of these SMS to the love of your life and wish him a merry Christmas Eve.

“I love you as I have never loved anyone before and I am happy to say it. Merry Christmas Eve, my love.”



– “I give you all my love this Christmas Eve, but you do not need give me any presents because the happiness I feel when I am with you is the best gift of all.”



– “I want you to look for me on Christmas Eve to kiss under the stars and the lights in the sky. I love you with all my heart.”



– “This is a very special night because my love for you is double the normal. Merry Christmas Eve, prince of my dreams.”



– “Today we will spend Christmas holding hands, and at midnight we will seal our love with a tender kiss. Come and we will have a merry Christmas Eve.”



– “Our love is the best proof that two people in love can be happy. Let us welcome baby Jesus this Christmas Eve and our love will be blessed.”



– “Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family. I love you very much and I will ask baby Jesus to give us many more years to enjoy our love.”



– “While children wait for Santa Claus to receive a present, I will wait at my door to get a loving kiss. Merry Christmas Eve.”



– “This Christmas everybody celebrates the birth of baby Jesus. I also celebrate I am still in love with you. You are my true love and I wish you a merry Christmas Eve.”



– “Being your girlfriend is no chance or luck; it is a gift I received. I love you and I wish you a merry Christmas Eve.”



– “This Christmas Eve I will give you my soul and my heart. You need only give me a smile to make me happy.”



– “For this Christmas Eve to be perfect, just say you love me. I need to hear you say it now more than ever.”



We hope these merry Christmas Eve SMS for your boyfriend help you express your love and best wishes for your loved one.

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